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Guided tasting of 4 wines $15 per person inc GST. deductible if purchases per group exceed 6 bottles.


1083 Golconda Road
Lebrina Tasmania Australia

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A Harvest of Reviews

2020 Apogee Deluxe Vintage Rosé  Huon Hooke and Mike Bennie both Aug 2023  95 Points

2021 Apogee Alto Pinot Noir Huon Hooke  The Real Review July 2023  96 Points

2019 Apogee Deluxe Vintage Rosé Tyson Stelzer  Wine Business Monthly Aug-Sep 2022 96 Points

2019 Apogee Deluxe Vintage Brut Huon Hooke The Real Review Oct 2022 95 Points

2019 Apogee Deluxe Vintage Rosé Angus Hughson Wine Pilot Aug-Sep 2022 95 Points

2017 Apogee Deluxe Vintage Brut Huon Hooke The Real Review 2 February 2022 95 Points

2021 Apogee Alto Pinot Gris Tyson Stelzer Wine Business Monthly Jan-Feb  2022 95 Points

2020 Apogee Alto Pinot Noir Huon Hooke The Real Review 2 February 2022 95 Points

2016 Apogee Deluxe Vintage Brut James Halliday Weekend Australian November 2020 97 Points

2018 Apogee Deluxe Vintage Rosé  Mike Bennie Wine Business Monthly Jul-Aug 2021 95 Points

2016 Apogee Deluxe Vintage Rosé  Tyson Stelzer Australian Sparkling Wine Report 

2020 96 Points

& his Best Australian Sparkling Rosé of 2020

2015 Apogee Deluxe Vintage Brut  Huon Hooke The Real Review 24 May 2019  95 points

2014 Apogee Deluxe Vintage Rosé  Tyson Stelzer The Australian Sparkling Wine Report 2018 95 Points

2016 Apogee Deluxe Vintage Rosé  Mike Bennie The Winefront  21 April 2019  93 Points

2014 Apogee Deluxe Vintage Brut  James Halliday Wine Companion August 2020  96 Points


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May 2024

  Apogee Deluxe Vintage Brut 2020

100% Single vineyard (Chardonnay 46 %, Pinot Noir 47%, P.Meunier 7 %) Alc. 12.5%. A cool season, with above average rainfall.  and a dry finish during grape ripening has delivered beautifully restrained sparkling wines with excellent acidity and freshness. Harvest date 31 March 2020. Tiraged November 2020, and now disgorged with 31 months on lees. “Pale green gold hue, the bouquet has vanilla brioche overtones, and the palate shows pinot noir mid-palate fullness followed by a long finish.”

                                                Pair with Oysters, Sicilian Green Olives, Parmesan cheese

 Apogee Deluxe Vintage Rosé 2020

100% Single vineyard. Alc.12.9% (Pinot Noir 75% (Clones 115,521) Chardonnay 17%, Pinot Meunier 8%). Harvest date 1 April 2020, slightly later than normal, is a result of a cooler and wetter summer than average often leading to excellent white wine and sparklings; delicate copper pink, a deep, complex bouquet of raspberry, strawberry preserve with summer flowers, minerals. A very delicate but intense palate with lingering berry fruits. Mid-body after the full 2019 with excellent freshness on finish. “ Beautiful perfume, wonderful array of complex flavours, great energy and overall a class act. Apogee continues to make a strong case for being at the Apex of Australian sparkling wines". Mike Bennie. Wine Business Monthly. 95 Points.

                                      Pair with Duck breast, duck and orange pâte and fresh baguette                                                 Apogee Alto Pinot Gris 2023

100% Single vineyard. Alc. 13.7 %.  100% Pinot Gris Clone D1V7.  A cool La Niña season, with a GST of 14.5˚C (average for Lebrina) and with many small berries in the bunch. “Late” harvest by Australian standards on 14 April 2023. “Thirty percent old oak ferments, 30% malolactic fermentation. Youthful and light yellow. Crushed flower petal and pome fruit aromas with totally integrated oak, some lusciousness and tropical flavours on the palate. Rounded acidity and a small lick of tannin for texture. Andrew Pirie, August 2023.
Pair with Green Thai Curry Chicken, fresh Asparagus Hollandaise

                                                Pair with roast chicken, Charcuterie platter. Thai green curry.

Apogee Alto Pinot Noir 2023

A warm summer and relatively dry autumn have driven the full-bodied style of this wine but despite the extra weight it is still round and delicate from the humid regional influence or terroir. A mild water stress was imposed on vines during the ripening period and it has endowed this wine with rich colour and tannins. Pinot Noir clones 777 and115 were harvested 13 April 2023. 100% French oak. A dark full-bodied red wine, with velvety roundness from silky tannins and luscious fruit viscosity and flavours. ebullient rich fruit bursts through.  For current drinking but the tannin framework will permit extended aging for 10-20 years. Alc.vol 14.0%

                                                                Pair with Brillat Savarin cheese. Mushroom risotto.




"Try to find sparkling wines from Australia's Tasmania Island. You'll be impressed, I promise. Maybe even astonished at the degree of refinement and sheer—dare I say it?—Champagne-like elegance of Tasmania sparkling wine." Matt Kramer, Wine Spectator, USA.





To order these wines go to the Buy Wine tab on this web site, email us at info@apogeetasmania.com, or call us 03 63956358 9 am - 5 pm