2016 Apogee Alto Pinot Gris

2016 Apogee Alto Pinot Gris

Tasting and update

10 days ago at a tasting in Hobart the 2013 Apogee Alto Pinot Gris was placed on the table just to review its progress. The colour hasn’t changed much in the last two years and is still very pale. There are some light green gold tinges which are very encouraging for the future of the wine. The bouquet is complex with a mix of secondary fermentation characters and evolved fruit characters. Overall, there is a lot of Alsace in the style but the barrel ferment influence makes the wine more new world. With this background it is interesting to approach the 2016. It is a bigger rounder and softer wine than the 2013  but is showing the same Turkish delight, pear and and mineral tones as the 2013. There is less barrel fermentation influence and the very ripe fruit character of the 2016 translates into a nectarine and banana. Next to a Pinot Grigio from Veneto it looks much deeper softer and richer which, I guess makes the name gris appropriate. I think this 2016 gris is developing nicely and will require the spice of a Thai seafood dish or a French-styled pork dish to bring out its best.

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