2022 Vintage Outlook



Lebrina, Tasmania


The weather forecast always matters but more so in the next few weeks as we head up to the start of harvest. Like the rest of eastern Australia we have experienced the impact of La Nina – an almost frost-free spring and one of the wettest Octobers in 10 years. Since then the accumulated rainfall has trended slightly below average.


Temperatures to date have also been average pointing to an end-March start on the sparkling varieties – chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier.  This timing corresponds to the northern hemisphere equivalent dates in Champagne, typically the last week of September.


The other significant factor has been higher than average humidity during summer, which has reduced the need for irrigation but has provoked some disease pressure, notably from downy mildew. APOGEE vine health has been carefully maintained through beneficial nutrition regimes and the judicious application of appropriate sprays.


Estimated yields at APOGEE are pleasing but there is some variation across the district. Chardonnay has thrived but there are instances of ‘hen and chicken’ in the pinot noir.


Just a few more warm sunny days are all that is needed to build terrific flavour intensity, leading with fingers crossed to a bountiful 2022 harvest.

Andrew Pirie

APOGEE Tasmania

March 2022